For many companies in the UK, the Heating and Ventilating Contractors Association, or HVCA, played an important role in their everyday business activities. In 2012, the HVCA underwent significant changes and relaunched as the Building and Engineering Services Association (BESA). At the same time, went offline as BESA offered users a new site.

What was the HVCA?

The HVCA as an organization has had a long history under a few different names: the National Association of Master Heating & Domestic Engineers and the National Association of Heating, Ventilating & Domestic Engineering Employers.

Rechristened as the HVCA in 1963, the organization was dedicated to “add[ing] value to members’ businesses by providing quality services, promoting excellence and shaping the commercial environment through representation and leadership.” The goal was to ensure the positive representation of companies that worked in the HVACR industry.

What Services Did the Website Provide to its Users?

The website was a hub for members of the HVCA or those looking to join the organization:

Members were provided access to a team of lawyers to assist with insurance affairs and contractual issues.

A variety of resources were provided for each company’s internal affairs, employment, and safety procedures.

Training programs were offered. Classes varied from teaching work safety procedures to extensive guides on building services. These courses ranged from one-day workshops to twelve-day seminars.

Provided updates on the current status of the industry and upcoming events.

Provided guides on inspections and safety procedures.

HVCA Reborn

Luckily, the HVCA has since been re-established as today’s Building and Engineering Services Association. Renamed and reestablished on March 1, 2012, BESA has continued the work of HVCA, adapting their mission statement to say, “BESA is committed to lobbying on behalf of its members on a wide range of issues that affect their businesses and the commercial environment in which they operate.”

BESA explained the decision to change the organization’s name with the following statement: “more than 90% of HVCA members voted for the new name […] the term ‘heating and ventilating’ has ceased to adequately reflect the breadth of expertise of the modern building engineering services firm.”

By and large, the services BESA offers are largely unchanged, just better explained and organized.